My healthy: Hilary Swank

Michael Beckwith’s Livestreams and App

“Michael is a spiritual teacher that I’ve been following since I was a teenager. He gives incredibly inspiring talks that can immediately shift your perspective for the better and help you live your fullest potential. Every Sunday, my pack and I (4 rescue dogs, 2 birds and my husband) all tune into his live talk. We also drop into his app-casts periodically when we need a recharge. He’s especially a lifesaver right now in helping combat the deluge of negative news and fear out there as well as provide inspiring calls to action.”


Elizabeth’s Bookshop and Writing Centre 

“I’ve been reading quite a bit while sheltering in place. In this important time of change there’s so much to learn. This is an incredible bookstore I discovered founded by writer and storyteller Rachel E. Cargle. It’s an innovative literacy center designed to amplify and celebrate marginalized voices. The catalog features an ensemble of extremely talented writers who are often excluded from traditional cultural, social and academic canons.”


Anthony William Medical Medium Healing Books

“I met Anthony last year and he changed my husband’s and my life. Through thoughtful diet changes and some natural supplements, we’ve had unquestionable reductions in chronic pain, digestive issues, fatigue and brain fog. His recipes and healthy cleanses kill off pathogens and strengthen your immune system (something so important right now!). We’ve read all of his books and now cook and eat his recipes daily.”


Yummy Track Pants 

“These are beyond cozy and have special technology that retains their shape. They’re designed to take you from day to night and can be worn with high heels or running shoes depending on if you want to look dressy or casual. As I’m clearly not going out these days, they’re also great that they’re perfect for sheltering at home. I do my at-home workouts in them, lie on the couch with my dogs, and still look tidy for any video conference calls. Full disclosure: I co-designed them, but I can objectively say they’re the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn.”



Jax Sequence Board Game

“I love both board games and card games and my husband and I play just about every night. Sequence is one of those great games that can either be quick or long (depending on how many games you want to play) and you can play with one other person or multiple players.”


Brain Performance Neurofeedback Equipment

“This company’s technique uses neurofeedback (a type of biofeedback) to optimize the brain’s electrical activity. I started by getting my brain mapped at their center and then they customized a brain training program for me. I use their mobile equipment to do the training from home a few times a week for a half an hour. I’ve experienced an improvement in sleep, increase in focus and memory, and overall mental health well-being. There are multiple studies proving its efficacy for emotional and mental well-being. ”


Rescue a Dog

“I’ve rescued and placed hundreds over the years and have four of my own. I truly believe rescuing and providing a home is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. Dogs keep you active and happy and they teach kids responsibility, love, and loyalty. I highly recommend visiting your local shelter (if safe) and rescuing a dog (or cat!).” You can go to any of your local shelters and there will always be dogs looking for forever homes. If you’re in Southern California, this is my favorite.

Otto’s Gluten Free Cassava Flour

“In our household, we are currently avoiding gluten for a variety of reasons and discovered cassava flour. We love Otto’s brand and cook pizza, banana bread, brownies, waffles, pancakes… you name it. It’s actually flour from a root vegetable but it tastes like regular flour, so you don’t have a huge carb crash and you get an extra dose of veggies in your day.”



Photo credit: Greg Williams