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  • Liz Miersch

    Executive Managing Director

    A former SELF magazine fitness editor, Liz is a certified trainer and connoisseur of gluten-free fare who is happiest on her yoga mat.

  • Sheila Monaghan


    Sheila joined the team by way of Details, Women's Health and SELF magazines. She's an Ironman triathlete and 20-time marathon finisher who named her dog after Bruce Springsteen.

  • Ashley Heckman

    Creative Director

    Ashley is a southern belle with a background in fashion—she was a photo editor at WWD—who spends her time making everything chic. She kills it with a pair of kettlebells and is singularly obsessed with the beach.

  • Brooke Alovis

    Director of Operations, Equinox Media

    Brooke began her managing editor career over 10 years ago at Star magazine before making her way to The Knot. She now applies her organizational skills to all things health and wellness, including her workout routines.

  • Caitlin Carlson

    Deputy Editor

    Caitlin began her career at Women’s Health after getting her MA in London. She’s been on staff at Shape and Men’s Fitness and has written for multiple other print and digital publications. She's an avid runner and has completed all 6 of the World Marathon Majors. Her favorite part of marathon training is pizza & wine Fridays.

  • Leah Bhabha


    Leah comes from a background in food writing and recipe testing and has contributed to publications like New York Magazine, Vogue, and Food & Wine. She earned her Masters in creative writing before joining Furthermore and enjoys pilates, spin, and yoga almost as much as dumplings.

  • Michelle Malia


    Previously from Men’s Health and Vice, Michelle started her career straight out of college before dropping it all and moving to Australia. When it comes to fitness and health, she’ll try anything once. She spends her days running and eating her way through jars of peanut butter.

  • Cassie Shortsleeve

    Contributing Editor

    Cassie's first post was at Glamour, after which she traded high heels for sneakers as an online editor at Men's Health. She's the editor-at-large for Shape.com and a proud Bostonian.

  • Ji Eun Hong

    UX/Visual Designer

    Ji is an avid problem solver with a great appreciation for design. With her natural curiosity for things, she love exploring different types of workouts, cultures, and foods!

  • Erika Osberg

    Manager of Marketing and Social Media

    Formerly in the financial services industry, Erika bridges her love of marketing with her passion for all things health and fitness. She is an Equinox instructor, avid outdoor cyclist, and avocado toast fiend.

  • Kathryn Marx

    Photo Editor

    Kathryn learned the ropes as Photo Editor producing photo shoots for various print magazines at Hearst Publications and Niche Media. She rarely turns down the chance for a road trip or hike through the mountains, especially when good food along the way is involved.


  • John Berardi, Ph.D., CSCS

    Dr. Berardi is the co-founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest online nutrition coaching, software, and certification company​. He resides in Ontario and has coached, along with his team, more than 100,000 clients over the last 15 years. Equinox Tier 3+ trainers are certified in Precision Nutrition, institutionalizing it as a habit coaching mechanism for nutrition.

  • Jeffrey Bland , Ph.D.

    Dr. Bland has been an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for more than 35 years. He is the founder of The Institute for Functional Medicine, HealthComm International, and the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute based in Seattle, where he lives. He is also the author of five books on nutritional medicine for the healthcare professional and six books on nutrition and health. As an advisor and mentor for Equinox’s training protocol, Dr. Bland provides expertise on his integrated approach to how the mind and body are systematically connected.

  • Christopher Cooper , MD

    Dr. Cooper is director of the Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the health and fitness director of the American College of Sports Medicine. For more than a decade, Chris has been leading the charge on Equinox’s research-based approach to fitness and health.

  • Michol Dalcourt

    An internationally recognized industry leader in health and human performance, Dalcourt is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Motion, inventor of ViPR and ViPR PRO, and co-founder of PTA Global. The San Diego-based lecturer and educator presents all around the world, and has authored numerous articles.

  • Jeffrey Iliff , Ph.D.

    Dr. Iliff is an associate professor and vice chair in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. His research focuses on the factors underlying successful cognitive aging. Dr. Illiff, a neuroscientist, helped Equinox position sleep as an important factor in the overall regeneration equation.

  • Craig Liebenson , DC

    Dr. Liebenson is the director of L.A. Sports & Spine, a pain management, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement center. He’s also the founder of First Principles of Movement, and an adjunct professor in the School of Chiropractic and Sports Sciences at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. A leader in chiropractic studies, Dr. Liebenson has worked in major league sports and serves on the editorial boards of numerous journals. He has helped Equinox use movement and corrective exercise strategies to bring people back to full function after injury.

  • Justin Mager , MD

    Dr. Mager is a board-certified internist, exercise physiologist, and health strategist specializing in integrative medicine based in San Francisco. His unique blend of disciplines and perspectives in health and fitness combine for a powerful approach to restoring and sustaining health and vitality. Dr. Mager, the first board member, is an expert on integrated medicine and its relationship to exercise.

  • Brandon Marcello , Ph.D.

    Dr. Marcello is a high-performance strategist with 20 years of experience in the performance enhancement industry. Most recently he has been working with the U.S. Department of Defense on redefining the future of soldier performance. He’s known for his forward thinking and for taking elite athletes to the next level in their careers. Extensively involved in the applied research world, he has implemented successful high-performance training programs for professional, Olympic, and collegiate athletes. Dr. Marcello provides key education for Equinox trainers and advises on all things relating to regeneration.

  • Jennifer Martin , Ph.D.

    Dr. Martin is an associate professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a clinical sleep psychologist. She has authored more than 100 scientific publications related to sleep disorders and sleep health and is the leading expert in non-medication treatments for sleep disorders. Dr. Martin is Equinox’s sleep specialist and the author of the sleep study conducted at UCLA in partnership with Equinox.

  • Deanna Minich , Ph.D.

    Dr. Minich is a health educator and author with more than 20 years of experience in nutrition, mind-body health, and functional medicine. The Seattle-based doctor holds master’s and doctorate degrees in nutrition and has lectured extensively around the world. She’s passionate about bridging the gaps between science, soul, and art in medicine. Dr. Minich is the voice for Equinox’s nutrition protocol, connecting the company’s vision for nutrition to your overall health.

  • Jacques Moritz , MD

    Dr. Moritz is a practicing OB/GYN in New York City and an associate professor at Cornell Medical College. He’s an expert in natural birth and starred in the Ricki Lake documentary The Business of Being Born. He designed, built, and serves as the medical director of the birth center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Moritz has contributed to Equinox’s pre- and post-natal training philosophy.

  • Jeffrey Morrison , MD, CNS

    A practicing physician and founder of The Morrison Center for Integrative Medicine in New York City, Dr. Morrison is a leader in the field of integrative medicine. His focus is on preventing and reversing degenerative and chronic diseases by enhancing the body’s innate ability to detoxify and heal itself. Dr. Morrison works with many Equinox members to optimize their health and wellness, offering a great point of view on integrated medicine and fitness.

  • Pam Peeke , MD

    A nationally renowned lifestyle physician and scientist, Dr. Peeke serves as a clinical professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. She’s a New York Times bestselling author, host of the top-rated women’s health podcast HER, and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. A member of the Senior Olympics board, she’s also a competing Senior Olympic triathlete. Dr. Peeke advised on Equinox’s educational strategy as it relates to nutrition and fitness.

  • James Pinckney , MD

    Dr. Pinckney is the founder and CEO of Diamond Physicians in Dallas, a membership medicine practice that endorses a holistic approach and incorporates nutrition and fitness into clients’ lifestyles. He also holds a United States patent for an innovative surgical gown, which he developed while in medical school. Dr. Pinckney created a 360-degree approach to medicine and trains Equinox’s Tier X coaches on how to incorporate that into their coaching techniques.

  • David Stark , MD

    Dr. Stark is the medical director for the Institute for Next Generation Healthcare and an assistant professor of health system design and global health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. He advises Equinox on the connection between the brain and the body will be developing a cognitive curriculum for its Tier X coaches.

  • Ademola Adejuwon , MD

    Dr. Adejuwon is a London-based consultant in sports and exercise medicine. He specializes in the non-surgical management of concussions and musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Adejuwon has served on medical teams for major sporting events, such as the London Olympics and the Rugby World Cup. Additionally, he held the position of team doctor for the Saracens Rugby Football Club from 2008 to 2018.

  • Nick Winkelman , Ph.D.

    Dr. Winkelman is the head of athletic performance and science for the Irish Rugby Football Union in Dublin. He oversees the development of strength and conditioning programs across all national and provincial teams. He is also the author of The Language of Coaching and a recognized speaker on human performance and coaching.