My healthy: Jenni Kayne

Natural hand sanitizer

"The EO Hand Sanitizer Spray helps me stay healthy with three kids."

Chlorophyll supplement

"I like to add ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll to my water."

Aligned foam roller

"The Lo Rox foam roller keeps me feeling balanced, especially when I travel."

Gua Sha board

"I use the Rosenice Adventurine Gua Sha tool in the mornings and before bed."

Jenni Kayne Candle

"The Jenni Kayne Ash candle is always burning in my house."

Sleep essential oil

"Snow Lotus Sweet Dreams oil helps me fall asleep at night."

The fashion sense of Rio

“[Carnival] captures the spirit of Rio de Janeiro.”

My NYFW guide: SoHo according to David Helwani

"[Equinox] seems to be the morning congregating center for everyone in our fashion world.”