Gavin Leatherwood loves self-care

What's your morning routine?

Upon waking, the first thing I do is make a Bulletproof coffee, thanks to my co-star and good friend Luke Cook who showed me the way. [I add] grass-fed butter and MCT oil and, if I'm feeling frisky, some cacao or mushroom powder. Then, I go to the gym for an hour.

What about your nighttime routine?

I enjoy a hot bath and a face mask, greeted afterward by a cup of chamomile tea.

What's your diet like?

I prioritize healthy foods like vegetables, organic chicken, fish, and grass-fed meat.

What about supplements?

They include omega-3s, vitamin C, vitamin D, Co-Q10, PQQ, creatine, spirulina, acetyl-L-carnitine, and magnesium.

What do you do to wind down?

When I want to really treat myself, I get a facial, massage, or reiki session. I also find that writing down my thoughts is incredibly helpful to calm the noisy brain, as well as meditation. Meditating is something that I think everyone should do, and in all honesty, I should probably meditate more often.

Photographer: Noah Asanias, Groomer: Candice Bridge, Stylist: Dolly Pratt, Stylist Assistant: Miren Valdes.