How to fold a dumpling


This is the most basic method. Try it with this recipe.

1. Place the filling in the center of the dumpling wrapper.

2. Moisten your finger with water and run it around the edge of the wrapper.

3. Fold one half over the other to form a half-moon and thoroughly seal by pressing the edges together.

2-pleat fold

This fold introduces a pleating technique. Try it with this recipe.

1. Fill the dumpling, run a moist fingertip around the edge of the wrapper, and pinch the center together.

2. Holding the dumpling in your hand, fold in one side of the dumpling, using the side of the wrapper that's farthest away from you.

3. Repeat with the other side.

4. Firmly press to seal.

Pleated fold

This dumpling fold is ubiquitous. It takes a bit of technique, but won't take long to master. Try it with this recipe.

1. Fill the dumpling wrapper, moisten your finger, and run it round the edge of the wrapper.

2. Pinch the two sides of the wrapper at the corner of one side.

3. Begin to fold the wrapper by pleating the side of the dumpling not facing you towards the corner you've sealed.

4. Continue pleating, then make sure to tightly seal all the folds, applying more water as needed.