Angie Mar's Day of the Dead party

On the menu

“I always say that when I die, I want to be surrounded by dead animals and Mexican food, so the menu that my kitchen is creating is a bit of a 'Last Supper' dream come true for me. There will be venison tamales and smoked wild boar flautas, suckling pig carved tableside, duck mole, and mezcal pairings.”

What we’re drinking

“Mezcal, of course.”

The decor

“The Day of the Dead is about culture and celebrating it. The dinner’s aesthetic will be traditional, I am a purist.”

The guest list

“I love the magic that happens when you get people who may not know each other in a room together. If it's curated well, there are new friendships formed and memories made. Some of my best experiences, friendships, and memories have started around a dinner table.”

What we’re listening to

“The Beatrice Inn playlist is a mix of the best music from the ‘80s and ‘90s, with a ton of British new wave, punk, and pop.”

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