The lasting fix for acne scars

Expert insight:

When a pimple forms, the follicle wall in the skin breaks, says Jode Castillo, a licensed aesthetician at The Spa at Greenwich Avenue in New York City. This destroys nearby tissue and can cause persistent discoloration and indentations.

Creating tiny cuts on top of those scarred areas through microneedling may seem counterproductive. But when your body goes into repair mode to heal the new incisions, it has two effects: First, it kickstarts collagen production. Second, it encourages cell turnover, in which new cells replace old ones. Together, these reactions can smooth your skin and lighten the dark spots acne leaves behind.

The bottom line:

Schedule an in-office microneedling session every four to six weeks until your scars are gone, Castillo says. You should see an improvement after your first treatment.