My beach essentials: Jason Dohring

Amy & Brian Coconut Water 

“It’s the jam and probably my singular favorite pre-packaged drink. I like the version with pulp, for a bit of crunch.”


Oliver Peoples Bernardo Sunglasses

“These are the best…and Brad Pitt wears them.”


“This game is fantastic. It’s super fun and surprisingly athletic.

Trader Joe’s 30 SPF sunscreen lotion

“I like this one for chemical-free sun protection.”


“Because falling on your face is fun.”

Trader Joe’s Turkey Jerky

“This stuff is high-protein, low-fat, stuff-in-a-pocket-of-your-car fast food.”

Lundberg Cinnamon Toast Rice Cakes

“These make me feel like I’m eating an organic churro.” 


“I make it myself with Bearss limes from my tree, organic liquid stevia, and filtered water from Pure Water Systems—the cleanest water on earth.”

Ryan Hansen (co-star):

“You need someone fun to help spot you on those sandy backflips.

Photo by JSquared Photography