Athletes: clean your pores

Expert insight: 

Regular exfoliation encourages cell turnover and gets rid of pollutants, Gilmore says. 

People often use at-home scrubs and cleansers for these benefits, but those products are often coarse and can cause micro-tears in the skin if used more than once a week, Gilmore explains. Treatments such as the HydraFacial are gentler and so effective that one session will last you three to four weeks. At EQX Body Lab and The Spa at Equinox, licensed estheticians use a push-pull vacuum to clean the pores, then apply hydrating serums to soften your skin. In turn, debris can more easily escape in the days that follow.

The bottom line: 

Schedule a HydraFacial every three to four weeks year round or whenever your skin feels rough or dehydrated, Gilmore says. Do it post-workout or at the end of the day so the regenerative products stay on your skin as long as possible.