The minibar, reinvented.

High-performance items

“RoomBar’s EQX Regenerative Tool Kit provides guests with the ultimate tools to wake up, work out, unwind, and regenerate. We include gear like resistance bands and yoga blocks along with tonics, teas, and blends like the Torii Awake, with adaptogenic herbs, Magnesium Ease spray from the Nue Co. Sleep Kit, and Power Down tea with chamomile, valerian, and lavender.” 

Next-level gummy bears

“We’re featuring HunnyBon vegan organic gummy bears in our snack selection. Gummy bears are one of the most popular items in a minibar, so we wanted to provide ones that were as good for you as possible.” 

Proprietary dried fruit

“We highlight natural products like Equinox Hotels’ own blend of organic fruits from Erewhon Market.”

Unexpected ingredients

“In the High-Performance section of the menu, we’re offering Quinton Hypertonic elixir. It’s made of seawater minerals which support cell renewal and contribute to normal muscle and digestive function.” 

Jet lag fighters

“For guests arriving from overseas, we recommend Stamba travel (vegan capsules with superfood ingredients, like cacao reishi and açaí, that combat jet lag.)” 

Photography by Jenny Huang

The new room service

This is the new room service

By the numbers: The Equinox Hotel

By the numbers: The Equinox Hotel

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