4 locker room makeup hacks

Look: skin that glows

Start by applying a tinted moisturizer

Not only does it do double duty as a hydrator, but because it’s more sheer than foundation, it keeps your look from feeling heavy. Apply it with your fingers, so you don't need to pack extra tools or brushes. If you see any spots that need a little extra coverage (like under your eyes or around the nose), go back in with another layer, this time dabbing and pressing it into your skin, advises Scibelli.

Reach for a cream blush next. 

“Cream formulas make for a more skin-like finish than powders, and are the perfect way to keep that gorgeous post-workout flush going,” Scibelli says. Using your ring finger, press it onto the apples of your cheeks, gradually working outwards towards the center of your ear. 

Finish with a cream highlighter

The texture melts seamlessly into skin, and once again, can be applied with your fingers. Dab it on your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose for a light contouring effect. You can even tap a bit onto your eyelids for a subtle hint of shimmer.

Look: eyes that pop

Begin with a contrasting eyeshadow.

Pick up a dual-colored shadow palette that features one lighter and one darker shade. Scibelli recommends a combination of a champagne tone and a deeper bronze, like the one listed above, for a variety of skin and eye colors. Apply the lighter hue across your lid and under your brow bone, then sweep the darker shade into the crease. Finish by using a cotton swab to work the bronze shadow across the lash line to help further define your eyes.

Then, mascara that doubles as eyeliner.

Scibelli suggests formulas that have a built-in primer to increase staying power while conditioning lashes. He also likes mascaras that have a skinny wand, which means they can be wiggled right into the lash line, so you can skip the liner.

Pull the look together with tinted lip gloss.

To balance out the striking eye look, finish with a simple glossy lip. Choose from one of the many new hybrid formulas, which feature conditioning benefits, pigment, and shine all in one tube. Scibelli’s partial to the one above, which comes in eight shades and delivers color that’s sheer yet noticeable.

Look: lips that stand out

First, apply a lip scrub.

A bold lip instantly makes you look put together, even if you’re not wearing any other makeup. Scibelli recommends starting with a quick lip scrub to slough off any flaky, dry skin for a clean sweep of color. Stick formulas, like the one above make this step simple and mess-free.

Second, layer on a lip-and-cheek tint

Though tints can be sheer, they are easy to build up. Layer as much color as you want on your lips then blend a bit on your cheeks. 

Third, sweep on a brow gel.

Defining your brows is quick, easy, and makes a big impact. But, it won’t compete with an intense lip look. Scibelli is a fan of tinted brow gels with fibers that adhere to your natural hairs, resulting in full arches. Using the tapered brush, evenly apply the gel across brows.

Look: clean slate

Prep skin with a tinted moisturizer.

If possible, select a product with sun protection. Apply it with your fingers, smoothing all the way to the edge of your face.

Pat in matte concealer.

For a little extra coverage, follow the moisturizer with concealer. For this look, the key is to seek out matte, oil-free formulas to avoid dewiness. Using your ring finger, pat in the product—don’t smear it—on any areas you want to cover up.  

Moisturize dry lips with a multitasking lip balm.

The one listed above hydrates with shea butter and avocado oil, with built-in SPF and antioxidants for protection. A natural-looking finish is the final flourish.

Photos, from top: Blaublut-Edition.com, Aris Jerome/Art Partner Licensing, Marie Bärsch/Blaublut-Edition.com, Stéphane Coutelle/Art Partner Licensing, Dimitrios Theocharis/Blaublut-Edition.com

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