Get a closer shave

Expert insight:

“Exfoliating removes buildup of debris and dead cells and encourages the hair follicles to stand up on the skin,” says Ashley Hudson, senior regional manager for EQX Body Lab in New York City. In turn, you’re able to get a closer shave than you would if you went straight for the razor. 

For best results, Hudson suggests you add these three steps to your routine: First, massage the area with a gentle foaming or gel cleanser. Then, prep the hair follicles using a brush like the Foreo Luna 2 (coming soon to The Spa and EQX Body Lab). Shave as you normally would, then apply a hydrating mask, serum, or moisturizer to avoid irritation. 

The bottom line: 

Do the above routine once or twice a day. Afterward, avoid using products with alpha or beta hydroxy acids, which can lead to inflammation and dryness.