Best worst choice: skipping post-workout stretches

The gist: 

You may skip your cool-down when you’re tight on time, but doing so can make you more vulnerable to injury. Follow a few guidelines and you can minimize the risks. 

Expert insight: 

It's best to cut your workout short by a few minutes so you have time to move through a hip-opener, a hamstring stretch, and the internal and external rotation hinge in 90/90, says Kevon Daley, master instructor and personal training manager at Equinox in Miami. (You'd use these muscles and joints in almost any workout.) Do each for up to 60 seconds.  

The bottom line: 

When you have zero time to spare after your workout, you need to avoid sitting for the next 10 minutes, Daley says. Moving slowly, by biking to your next appointment or walking around your office, will keep your muscles from stiffening.