Apparel drop: Koral menswear

The inspiration:

“I create a story behind each collection. I get inspired by everything—travel, art, music, and my lifestyle. For menswear, it’s a little different, because the pieces tend to be more geared to performance benefits and functionality.”

The favorites:

“I think the sweatshirt and sweatpants in the scuba material look really cool. The camo bomber jacket is my favorite piece.”

The fitness routine:

“My first triathlon was three years ago. Right now, I’m pretty focused on training. During the week, I swim, bike, and run at the gym and then, because I live in LA, on the weekends I swim, bike, and run outside. Koral is perfect, because sometimes I bike first, then take a spin class, and I can jump into the pool in my outfit.”

The diet regimen:

“I’m up at five a.m. and my eating habits are really healthy. Sometimes I do intermittent fasting. I stopped eating red meat when I was 19 and stopped chicken two years ago. I’m not eating fish right now. But I don’t like to label myself, though, because maybe in a few months my diet will change.”

The recovery habits:

“All the running I do is a lot for the body, so I do yoga for stretching and to relax my muscles. I also get lymphatic drainage massages once a week.”

This interview has been lightly edited for publication.

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