Fitness IRL: skateboarding

"When my mind enters the flow state, I'm at peace with walking the line that blurs fun and danger." That's 28-year-old Boom Nuanual talking about the sport he calls "an extension of his soul": skateboarding.

For the Ocean Beach, San Francisco native, it's not about putting on a show, racking up likes, or pleasing an audience. Instead, skating is about freedom, the ability to physically move from one place to the next with few limitations and to mentally escape from problems that arise in his day-to-day.

Nuanual got into the sport as a kid by way of his brother. "It was a loyal and healthy source of escapism while I was growing up, trying to make sense of it all," he says. "Now, I do it to remind myself I exist."

Gliding through the streets with ease requires a balanced, flexible, and explosive body. Nuanual, a member at Equinox Pine Street, crafted his through cycling, swimming, yoga, and lifting light weights with high reps.

Learn more about why he boards below.

Skateboarding is an extension of my soul.

Boom Nuanual

This little piece of wood with four wheels will either break you in half or set you free—probably both.

Boom Nuanual

To build strength, I swim. The water has a brilliant way of working every muscle together.

Boom Nuanual

I want to spend more time in the air, enjoy longer grinds, and skate faster.

Boom Nuanual

I love skating cities. My favorite skateparks include Historic Fourth Ward in Atlanta and Potrero Del Sol in San Francisco.

Boom Nuanual

I do it to remind myself I exist.

Boom Nuanual

Athletes are prone to anxiety

“Being vulnerable is the strongest thing you can do.”