My grooming regimen: Hawthorne's Phil Wong

Hawthorne prompts its customers with an online quiz, then uses an algorithm to “prescribe” fragrances, soap, body wash, and deodorant. “We realized that the majority of guys want to invest in their self-care but don’t know where to begin or what products work best for them,” Wong says. “Hawthorne solves these issues using data, but without sacrificing quality.”

Below, Wong shared with Furthermore the habits that keep him looking fresh.

Nourish and Protect Hair

“Being half-Chinese and half-Haitian, my hair is very unpredictable. It can be wavy, curly, and straight all in the same day, so it needs more nourishment than usual. Grown Alchemist’s detox line has ingredients like sea buckthorn and amaranth which are anti-inflammatory, as well as antioxidants [to shield against UV rays and pollution] and proteins for building strong hair. Plus, it smells amazing.”

Use Mood to Dictate Fragrance

“A good fragrance is one that you don’t even notice you’re wearing. It’s important for your scent and your skin to be simpatico—it means you’ve found the right one. I like Comme des Garçons Blackpepper and Frédéric Malle’s Bois d’Orage. These scents are a great match for my skin and embody what I want in a sublime fragrance—spicy, peppery, never overpowering. Blackpepper for me is a mood relaxer. It transports me to a quiet weekday at the museum, where the dry paints, stabilized temperatures, metals, and café aromas all intermingle in the air. Bois d’Orage has a creative energy. It’s caffeine for emotion.”

Moisturize Often

CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion is technically a night cream, but it’s my go-to face cream for both day and night, since it’s mild enough for my sensitive skin but is still moisturizing, even during those cold New York nights. The formula has ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid, which is why I use it multiple times a day.”

Cultivate A Nightly Skincare Ritual

“I’ve started using some masks mostly as a ritual to help me wind down, but also because they’re great for calming the skin. This mask, made from eggplant and walnut shell powder, really nails what I need—it detoxifies and moisturizes without any irritation.”

Cut Back on Dairy, Carbs, Sugars, and Caffeine

“I’ve recently gone dairy-free and am avoiding bread and sugars as much as I can. It feels good to know I have the willpower to not eat those things, but it also keeps my body and skin at its best. I just cut out caffeine completely, too, because I was having terrible insomnia, which affects your appearance as well.”

Invigorate with Body Wash

“I used to be a big soap person, only because I never found the right body wash. They were always too watery, too light, or too harsh. It wasn’t until we developed our own line of tailored body washes that I became a convert. I currently use our natural body wash, which is super thick and nourishing and has anti-inflammatory peppermint oil in it.”

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