Celebrity playlist: lovelytheband

9 tracks from the Los Angeles–based trio.

When the trio lovelytheband, comprised of singer Mitchy Collins, drummer Sam Price, and guitarist Jordan Greenwald released their single “broken" in 2018, it became a sleeper hit that shot to Number 1 on the Billboard Adult Top 40, rock, and alternative charts. The song, with its infectious chorus (“I like that you’re broken, broken like me”) also became a viral streaming sensation on Spotify. Their follow-up "maybe, i'm afraid" is currently a Top 40 alternate radio staple.

As their touring schedule has ramped up, so too has their need for self-care and fitness. “Staying healthy and sane on the road has a lot to do with the amount of sleep I’m getting, my diet, and how much I’m exercising,” explains Greenwald. “Since I’m usually in a parking lot on a tour bus, I do different supersets and varieties of exercises to keep in shape. I’ll use three different weights of resistance bands. That, combined with some running and jumping rope, does the trick.”

Here, the trio’s playlist for staying motivated and inspired:

lovelytheband - broken

the 1975 - love it if we made it

the band camino - daphne blue

phoenix - entertainment

sir sly - &run

5 seconds of summer - want you back

the killers - the man

keith urban - who wouldn't wanna be me

lovelytheband - maybe, i'm afraid