Take 15 tastes


If you don’t like a particular food the first time you try it, don’t write it off. It can take up to 15 tastes to learn to love it.


There are many reasons you might be turned off by an ingredient after the first or second try, says Jillian O’Neil, a dietician and Tier X coach at E Madison Avenue in New York City.

Bad memories surrounding a certain food can make the thought of eating it again distressing. Aversions to things like kale or endive have evolutionary roots, since bitter flavors signal that something’s rotten or rancid, O’Neil says. Still, "the more you eat an ingredient, the more chances you’re giving yourself to like it.”


Turmeric, salmon, tomatoes, and other healthy foods are worth learning to love. Eat your disliked item of choice once or twice per week, preparing it differently (raw, sautéed, roasted, grilled) each time. Only when you’ve given it 15 chances can you be sure it’s not for you.