5 makeup tips for men

Brands like Chanel and War Paint are placing bets that makeup is going to become mainstream for men in 2019. They’re launching lines that emphasize function, with products ideal for small touch-ups rather than dramatic looks.

To get started, consider these five tips from Los Angeles-based groomer Marissa Machado, who preps clients like Nick Jonas and Rami Malek for the red carpet. The following products are fast and easy to apply, so you can carry them in your gym bag and waste no time en route to your day.

Prevent excess oil.

There’s a difference between a natural glow and shine due to excess oil production. To keep your face matte, Machado recommends layering this hydrating gel from Peter Thomas Roth or this lightweight cream from Sisley Paris under any makeup products.

Smooth out your complexion.

BB and CC creams and tinted moisturizers all work work to provide a consistent, smooth complexion. Machado suggests reaching for a BB (beauty balm) cream on a day when you only need light coverage. CC (color-correcting) creams also provider a lighter layer, but are best for neutralizing redness or irritation. Tinted moisturizers are the most heavy-duty of the three products, with coverage that’s comparable to that of a foundation, but with added SPF and moisturizing qualities. Apply any of the above on clean skin or on top of a moisturizer and blend with fingers.

Hide and heal breakouts.

Treat blemishes as you conceal them: This product from Evolution Man uses salicylic acid to help dissolve dead skin cells, unclog pores, and neutralize blackheads and whiteheads.

Warm up dull skin.

After a workout, you might have a redder complexion due to all the blood flow your body managed while you trained. For these moments, Machado likes to apply bronzers to give skin a glow and disguise red cheeks. This one from Tom Ford doubles as an oil-free, soothing moisturizer that calms irritation and “mimics the look of a few minutes in the sun,” she says.

Thicken sparse hairs.

For her male clients, Machado often focuses on the brows. She reaches for a brow filler like this one from the Boy de Chanel line, since it gathers itself around each hair and makes them thicker and bolder. It can also be used to spruce up any patchy or grey spots of facial hair.