My healthy: Shrankhla Holecek

Even though Shrankhla Holecek has been a lifelong yogi and natural medicine practitioner, she is not immune to the mental stresses and physical strains of 21st-century life. After earning her MBA, she spent several high-pressure years as a management consultant in Los Angeles. She soon noticed that the professional wear-and-tear was taking a toll on her appearance and well-being. She tried a bevy of skincare products with little success, so she decided to create Uma, a line of Ayurvedic organic beauty and wellness products that celebrate the Indian rituals of her childhood.

Here, her current Uma favorites, including a candle made in collaboration with Equinox, plus the daily essentials that help her balance a hectic work and travel schedule.

Black chicken remedies copper tongue cleaner

“I love incorporating Ayurvedic detoxes into my daily life. I start my day by scraping my tongue after brushing.”


Goop g.tox ultimate dry brush

“I dry-brush my body for five to seven minutes before showering, starting with my legs and going all the way up to my shoulders, back, and front.”


Warm lemon water

“The first thing I consume is a cup of warm lemon water. At nighttime I add triphala and periodically include HUM Nutrition supplements.”

Beyond yoga workout pants

“Starting a business has been a powerful exercise in practicing moderation. I used to get in a daily hour of working out, but now I try to set more realistic expectations around getting a healthy sweat. Wearing a great pair of workout pants helps me get that extra pep in my step.”


Uma x Equinox pure recovery candle

“Great recovery is just as important as a great workout. I'm currently burning the Uma x Equinox Pure Recovery Candle in my bedroom, office, kitchen...everywhere, to be honest.”


Lunya cotton tees and shorts

“I try to maintain pretty decent sleep hygiene—clean face, feet rubbed with oil, frequent sheet-and-pillowcase changes, and nightwear that actually helps your body breathe better. I wear Lunya’s cotton tees and shorts all year round.”


Moon Juice moon dusts

“I recently felt like I was consuming way too much caffeine, so I started swapping out my afternoon coffee for one of Moon Juice’s elixirs. I also carry their dusts with me when I travel.”


Vince clothing

“I’m finding more and more items from Vince in my wardrobe. I feel like they always make a style statement and go seamlessly between meetings, meals, and speaking engagements. Their clothing helps me travel lighter and minimize my decision-making.”


Uma ultimate brightening face oil

“I'm quite committed to keeping my skincare routine simple but powerful. It's typically just a cleanse, toner spritz, and a lightweight emollient like Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. I administer it with a quick one-to-two-minute facial massage to enhance absorption and collagen build.”


Ilia true skin serum foundation

“I love that it has a beautiful dewy finish, and my skin feels like it's breathing and staying healthy underneath it.”