3 holiday makeup upgrades

Try a two-tone lip and “underpaint” highlighting.

If wearing the same dress to every holiday party is considered a fashion faux pas, similar thinking should be applied to makeup looks. Put a much-needed twist on your standby techniques with these three simple-yet-elevated ideas that can be applied in the locker room pre-festivity.

The Original: Strobing
The Upgrade: Underpainting

Unlike strobing, where highlighter is layered on the cheeks to create an obvious shimmer effect, underpainting involves applying the product under heavier makeup to create a natural luminosity. “This technique is ideal for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but wants to add a subtle glow to the skin,” says Carly Giglio, the New York City-based head of pro artistry for Stila Cosmetics. Using your fingers, press a blendable highlighter under the eyes and around the orbital bone. Then, apply your foundation and concealer, preferably products that are more sheer, on top of the highlighter to give the skin a lit-from-within appearance.

The Original: Glitter Eye
The Upgrade: Three Layer Liner

“Our instinct for a holiday party is usually to go darker and bolder than our usual look,” says New York City-based makeup artist Jenna Menard. Instead, keep things fresh with a less dramatic but still festive eyeliner application. Use a white liner to draw a thin line above your lashes on the upper lid, then layer a silver shimmer pencil on top of the white. Apply a black eyeliner next on the waterline below your eyes, and top with at least two coats of mascara. Curl your lashes first for extra volume.

The Original: Classic Red Lip
The Upgrade: Two-Tone Lip

While variations of the two-tone lip technique have been seen on runways, it’s one of the less wearable trends. “A two-tone lip is great and daring for the holidays, but never so easy to do with ordinary lipstick,” says London-based makeup artist Louise Constad, who recommends using liquid lipsticks to avoid having the two colors blend together. Try using two similar but slightly contrasting shades, like a red-pink on the bottom lip and a deep cherry on the top.