Why I’m thankful for my body: 2018

Equinox experts pay homage to the highest-performing machine.

Gratitude is often external—you might feel it for the people around you, the food on your plate—but the vehicle that enables you to reach your potential and embark on everyday life is your own body. That’s why on Thanksgiving, Furthermore asks Equinox’s top trainers, coaches, and experts to reflect internally. Keeping their bodies in mind, they finished the sentence: “I am thankful for…” Here’s what they said this year.

"I am thankful for my body's ability to outperform my mind. Sometimes I'm in a workout and my mind tells me, ‘No, this is where you max out,’ and I witness my body overcoming that message and proving to myself where my limits really are.”
Gina DiNapoli, instructor at PROJECT by Equinox, New York City

“I am thankful for the power to move on land and in water. We only get one body, and mine has given me the gift of exploration and adventure throughout my life. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and because of that, I learned that my body has no limits.”
CeCe Marizu, group fitness manager and instructor, New York City

“I am thankful for my body’s incredible ability to adapt and change. My body transformed twice through pregnancy. I watched a massive baby bump grow and then subside all the while continuing my Pilates practice. The body is truly miraculous.”
Natalya Sebastian, Pilates manager, Yorkville in Toronto

“I am thankful for my physical limitations because they give me feedback on where I should be focusing my attention. Whether it be my higher-than-normal blood pressure, tension migraines from stress, or a shoulder that dislocates regularly, I know there is something I can always work on and improve.”
Matt Delaney, CSCS, national manager of innovation

“I am thankful for my legs. They aren’t perfect, but they are strong. They carry me every day and give me the capability to run miles and miles. They have supported me my whole life and taken me on many adventures, from hiking mountains to completing 50-mile ultramarathons. They have never given up on me.”
Angela Rubin, studio manager of the Precision Run Lab, Chestnut Hill in Boston

“I’m thankful for my body because movement is my momentum for a full, beautiful life. The more I move, the more creativity is fueled. The more I move, the more focused I am in making a dream a reality. The more I move, the more genuinely I can love, serve, and interact with others.”
Ariel Comeau, Tier X coach, Tribeca in New York City

“I’m thankful for my body because of the opportunities it allows me, from exploring exotic landscapes to climbing mountain peaks. I can always rely on it to carry me where I want to go. I’m thankful for the way it has transformed me into an adventurer, always ready to discover the world both near and far.”
Jenna Winterberg, Tier 3+ trainer and Equinox Fitness Training Institute master instructor, Downtown LA

“I am thankful for my body because it provides me the opportunity to be of service to others, experience adventures, and enjoy movement. Being strong, mobile, and pain-free ensures I'll never be limited in the things I can do.”
Matt Berenc, CSCS, director of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute

Photo: Yuri Hahhalev/thelicensingproject.com