Baobab powder boosts performance


Some electrolyte drinks are high in chemicals and sweeteners. Baobab powder is a low-sugar alternative that offers the same benefits, says Bethany Snodgrass, a holistic health coach and the operations manager at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute in New York City.


An African fruit, baobab naturally contains performance-boosting electrolytes including magnesium, which helps your body produce energy; calcium, which is required for muscle contractions; and potassium, which you need for things like maintaining blood pressure and storing nitrogen in muscle proteins, Snodgrass explains.

She suggests sprinkling one tablespoon of the powder and a pinch of sea salt into your seltzer water or adding it to a smoothie with berries, greens, and protein. Drink the water mixture at least half an hour pre-workout and the smoothie at least two hours beforehand (or any time afterward). Baobab powder has four grams of fiber per serving, which can cause GI distress if you have it mid-session.


Use baobab powder as a natural alternative to electrolyte drinks and tablets before or after moderate intensity workouts of at least 90 minutes or HIIT sessions of at least 45 minutes.