My shoe arsenal: Quincy Moore

The designer's favorites include picks from Gucci, Common Projects, and more.

In our series, My Shoe Arsenal, we go into the closets of celebrities, athletes, and tastemakers to see their footwear collections. In addition to rare and hard-to-find pairs, we want to see the shoes that get them through their fast-paced days and workouts.

The New York City design studio Knowlita is known for producing graphic apparel worn by the likes of LeBron James and Emma Stone. For founder Quincy Moore, fashion is always at the forefront of his mind. His line includes t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, and while he has yet to design shoes, Moore is definitely passionate about them. “Having a great pair of shoes on makes me feel confident,” he says. “When you’re putting your feet forward through the city, through life, you’ve got to have them in something stylish and comfortable at all times.”

He even credits sneakers with helping him network. “When I meet someone new, I always check out their shoes,” he says. “And when two people meet and recognize each other’s shoes, especially if they’re rare, it’s a bond-building moment.” Moore, who currently own 50 pairs of his own, shares the shoes he loves most.

the 10: air jordan 1

“This is my favorite pair. Virgil Abloh [the men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton] did an extensive collaboration with Nike last year and it was called the 10, where he basically took his 10 favorite Nike silhouettes across categories and reimagined them. This pair is from that collection and they’re very covetable. They all sold out but my girlfriend got me a pair last year for my birthday so they’re very special to me. It was a great gift and I love wearing them.”
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common projects achilles leather lace-up sneakers

“These are classic and simple yet stylish, and 100 percent leather. There are a million copycats these days but the differentiating factor is the gold lettering on the side. They’re malleable and comfortable, I can wear them with shorts or with a tuxedo, and they last for a long time. When you see someone wearing a beat-up white pair of Common Project Achilles, you know those shoes have seen some stuff, and yet they still endure.”
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gucci leather horsebit slipper

“Definitely an eyebrow-raising shoe for men—and I like that. These are kind of bold and super comfortable. I grew up in the era of flip-flops. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing flip-flops now, so I think the mule is bit of an homage and a throwback to a style that I grew up wearing. You can dress them up and down, which is true about all the shoes I wear. If I can only wear a shoe in one situation then it is probably not a good purchase.”
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superga 2750 cotu sant ambroeus

“I got these last year at Art Basel and I’ve been wearing them all year, to the point that the little Sant Ambroeus piece on the back fell off. They’re just a great, easy shoe, but not everyone has a pair, which I like.”
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clarks wallabee

“Clarks has always been one of my favorite brands and this is an amazing, weird shoe that’s flexible with a comfortable sole. I recently went to the U.S. Open in my pink Wallabees, which was appropriate for a preppy sporting event.”
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air max 90 ultra 2.0 flyknit

“The Air Max 90 was my first shoe obsession because they came in so many colors and variations. I collected them like baseball cards as a kid. I think I have 15 to 20 pairs.”
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