How celebs stay fit on the road

5 ways to make your next trip a little healthier

Celebrities are perpetually on the move. But whether they’re shooting a film, touring, or promoting a project, they also have to remain in top shape. The secret to healthy travel is planning ahead, says Matthew Berenc, director of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute. Here, actors, musicians, chefs, and more share how they stay fit, hydrated, and well-nourished when they’re away from home.

1. Keep the right snacks on hand. When you’re traveling, you can’t rely on airports or restaurants to offer nutritious food. “I like to carry a healthy treat or vegan bar in my bag for when I need a quick bite,” says Grammy Award-winning artist Carrie Underwood. Her go-to: KIND bars.

2. Roll out the kinks. Lugging a heavy suitcase and sitting on the plane for hours can lead to tight muscles. The solution: a basic tennis ball. It offers a more intense massage than a foam roller and fits in your purse, says choreographer-to-the-stars Galen Hooks. “I use it roll out my feet and that hard-to-reach spot under the shoulder blade. You can use it anywhere.”

3. Hydrate with coconut water. When you’re out of your usual routine, it’s easy to forget to drink up. Even a small dip in your hydration can drag down your mood and energy levels. That’s why chef and restaurateur Cat Cora sips Harmless Harvest coconut water on the go.

4. Bring a facial spritz. Planes are notorious for their dry air, which can zap your complexion. India Hicks, founder of the eponymous lifestyle brand, battles it with a hydrating facial mist. She uses the rose-scented Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Revival Mist.

5. Pack a pair of weights. You don’t have bring a pair of dumbbells. Ankle weights add a strength challenge to workouts and strolls. “I am that person that wears ankle weights while I walk my Chihuahua,” says actress Christine Evangelista. “No shame in my workout game.”
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