My healthy: Sage Steele

The ESPN anchor on her hotel room workout and favorite running shoes.

ESPN SportsCenter co-host Sage Steele spends most of her workday talking about pro athletes at the peak of their fitness. But long hours on set, a packed travel schedule, and three kids gives her limited time to focus on her own health. “Growing up, working out wasn’t an issue because I was always so active with sports,” says 45-year-old Steele. “But then you age, and go, ‘wait a minute, I really need to get better about this’.” Here, the anchor shares the wellness essentials she uses at home in Avon, Connecticut and on the road, covering events like the NBA Finals, Super Bowl, and World Series.

aveeno products

“I’m thankful that I don’t have many wrinkles at my age, but I do have sunspots. I use Aveeno moisturizer, foaming cleanser, and night cream, plus retinol and vitamin C serum. I also use sunscreen every day, even in winter.”
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wolf high performance blender

“This blender is the best kitchen purchase I’ve ever made. I make a smoothie every morning with frozen blueberries, a banana, kale, spinach, cashew butter, and chia seeds. I’ll also do an egg over-easy with avocado, green tomatoes, hot sauce, and salt and pepper. I have to eat a hearty breakfast. If I don’t, I’ll snack on junk all day and feel terrible.”
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nike golf skort

“These skorts have shorts underneath and a skirt on top, so I feel protected but also feminine. You’ve got to have the look down, especially at Augusta.”
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asics running shoes

“I’m an ASICS girl. I’ve covered the New York City Marathon for a few years, and it’s what so many of the runners wear.”
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lululemon capris

“I tend to buy crazy, colorful patterns. They last forever if you take care of them.”
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“Right now, I’m doing Whole30. I immediately leaned up. I use the Whole30 app, and I’m one of those annoying people who checks barcodes at grocery stores. It’ll tell you if a food is approved or not. I always pack a small Ziploc with almonds and dried apricots to keep me going through three hours of SportsCenter.”
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