My healthy: Nicholas Horbaczewski

The Drone Racing League founder shares his must-haves for adventures.

Some people love adventure, but for Nicholas Horbaczewski, it’s a way of life. The founder of the Drone Racing League—a professional circuit for drone racers across the world, which he likens to a cross between Star Wars and Formula One—is a licensed skydiver, goes on epic ice climbing trips each year, and helped write a travel guide to the Australian Outback. Horbaczewski spends most days of each month traveling the world to find and set up drone courses for the DRL, which premieres its third season on September 5. Here, he shares his essentials for staying healthy on the road.

2xu long-sleeve t

“Airplane travel is very hard on your body. I’m a big believer in compression to minimize jet lag. This is a great top that you can put on under anything.”
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keto and co. milk protein isolate

“If I’m going to be on an intense stretch of work or travel or adventure, I eat a keto diet because it really energizes me. Keto and Co. makes an incredible powder that I turn into a shake.”
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bose quiet comfort noise-canceling headphones

“After an ear doctor told me that sitting on an airplane is like being at a rock concert, I started using these headphones on flights. I immediately saw an improvement in my hearing.”
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arc’teryx blade 20 backpack

“This is a backpack for ice climbing, but I use it every day. It’s versatile and can fit everything I need—my computer, work files, headphones, chargers, a pair of sneakers, and workout clothes.”
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reebok crossfit nano 2.0

“What I love about these sneakers is that they’re meant for functional fitness. They’re flat, they have just the right amount of padding, they’re really versatile, they don’t restrict you, and they fit in a backpack.”
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pelican flashlight

“When we’re scouting courses for the DRL, we do a lot of urban exploring; it could be a palace outside of London or an abandoned mall in Los Angeles. With no lights, I need a flashlight. This is a particularly badass one.”
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spirit family reunion

“I am huge fan of this Brooklyn band. They play beautiful, energetic, soulful bluegrass music.”
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nemo ditto wallet

“I find switching from my urban wallet to my adventure wallet—where I am paring down to just what I need—is my ritual for getting my mind right for travel.”
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sea to summit wilderness wash

“I was just in the wilds of Zimbabwe and suddenly realized I didn’t have any toiletries. This product always comes to the rescue. It’s a shampoo, body wash, and shaving gel, all in one.”
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