Improve post-workout digestion

Eating beforehand is the key.

Researchers asked 12 healthy men to cycle for one hour on two different mornings, once after fasting overnight and once after eating porridge with milk two hours beforehand. They found that the men had better digestion throughout the day when they ate beforehand compared to when they trained on an empty stomach. The findings would apply to women as well.
Eating breakfast before you train primes your muscles to take up and metabolize carbs, says study co-author Javier Gonzalez, Ph.D., senior lecturer of human physiology at the University of Bath in England.

When you exercise, blood flows to the muscles. But if you’ve eaten recently, some blood flow is diverted to the gut to speed digestion both during your workout and afterward, he explains. That’s a good thing because better digestion means your body is absorbing nutrients more efficiently and metabolizing carbs more quickly, which gives you more energy.
Eating two hours before steady-state cardio primes your body for digestion well into the afternoon. Based on Gonzalez’s findings, you should aim for a pre-workout meal of 68 percent carbs, 12 percent fat, and 20 percent protein (like oatmeal made with reduced-fat milk), with at least 0.4 grams of carbs per pound of body weight.