Q&A: Karin Hellners, Filippa K designer

The Scandinavian brand is breaking into activewear.

When Scandinavian brand Filippa K decided to launch their activewear collection Soft Sport in 2018, the designers wanted to create luxe yet functional pieces that their customer could take from the gym to the airport. The resulting collection, which will be sold exclusively in the U.S. at The Shop at Equinox, is a mixture of simple-yet-elegant staples like their “second skin” leggings and oversized sweaters, all designed with the brand’s sustainability mission in mind. Below, Furthermore spoke to head designer Karin Hellners about this eco pursuit, the collection, and more.

Why is sustainability such a priority for Filippa K? What steps has the brand taken to ensure that its active products are eco-friendly?

It has been a strong part of our DNA from the very beginning, and how we impact the environment is something we have always had in consideration. The idea with Filippa K was to make timeless pieces and encourage our customers to invest in ‘better’ but fewer pieces, a perfectly-curated wardrobe of versatile styles. We are also committed to what we call the four R´s: reducing, repairing, reusing, and recycling.

Why did you decide to launch your active line Filippa K Soft Sport in the U.S. exclusively with Equinox?

We are super excited about launching with Equinox as it feels like our customers are driven by the same values of a balanced lifestyle, quality, and style. It feels like a perfect match.

How would you describe the signature Filippa K Soft Sport look?

Our design is Scandinavian and minimal, yet warm and soft. The classic Soft Sport look is feminine &amp effortless. A mix of active and leisure, fashion and function.

How do you style your personal favorite pieces from your brand?

I wear my seamless leggings, bra top, and cashmere hoodie throughout the day, pair it with a skirt and/or suit jacket for work, and am ready for Pilates or yoga during lunch without having to change.

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