Q&A: Georgia Sackville, All Fenix founder

Meet the face behind one of The Shop at Equinox’s newest brands.

When Melbourne-based couple Georgia Sackville and Jason Seidl were conceptualizing their activewear brand back in 2015, they were inspired by the idea of the phoenix, the mythical bird that represents rebirth and rejuvenation. Since the duo wanted to design clothing for women who were already embracing their fitness journey along with those who were just starting out, they decided to name their company after the phoenix, adding the “all” in front to reiterate the idea of inclusivity and switching the name up to “make it our own.” Furthermore spoke to Sackville about those early years and what it’s like to collaborate with her husband.

It seems like a lot of activewear brands are making louder pieces in order to stand out. Why did you decide to give All Fenix a minimal look?

Our style naturally derives from our Melbourne roots: it’s diverse, yet minimal and always styled in a cool effortlessness. When designing, we think about pieces that can be worn all day, every day. Don’t get us wrong, we love a stand out floral (currently obsessing over the new Tilly Bloom set) but our core design aesthetic always comes back to timeless, refined, and essential wardrobe pieces that can be worn and styled over and over.

What is your collaboration process like as partners?

Working with your partner can be super challenging and just as rewarding at the same time. Thankfully, our different skill sets are perfectly compatible, and we were able to delineate our roles very early on in the business. Whilst I manage the design and social and Jason handles the sales and business development, we both work closely on all aspects of the business together and have an amazing team behind us both in Melbourne and Los Angeles. We motivate, push, and challenge each other, but we also know when and how to separate work from home, although sometimes I still have to remind Jason that it’s after midnight and his groundbreaking ideas can wait until the morning.

How do you and Jason work together to come up with new ideas and designs?

Our inspiration for design comes from a lot of places. We don’t tend to stick to one theme per collection, but rather draw inspiration from our own experiences, our customers, and the latest trends. Through social media and meeting customers face-to-face at our annual pop-up store in Melbourne, we are able to create a dialogue and receive more extensive and consistent feedback from our loyal customers. We make sure we’re delivering what they want, from the fabric we use, to the fits and styles.

How would you describe the signature All Fenix brand look?

Sophisticated pieces encompassing neutral color palettes and high-performance fabrics. Contemporary, minimal, and practical thought is found in the details of every All Fenix garment.

How do you style your personal favorite pieces from your band?

The great thing about our collection is that all of our pieces can be mixed and match to suit your style. Right now, I am completely obsessed with our drop-crotch pants. They are super comfortable and can be paired with any of our sports bras, tees, or tanks for a workout or our matching Crop Track Sweat Top. Try them on, and you won’t want to take them off.

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