Brands we love: P.E Nation

The Aussie activewear company is expanding into menswear.

In the two years since Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning launched their company, P.E Nation, in Sydney, Australia, they’ve watched their streetwear-meets-sportswear concept grow from a 25-piece collection to a massive global brand. The line has a 90’s retro nostalgia, featuring bold colors and tomboy attitude, making it stand out in the ever-competitive activewear space.

Now, the duo is expanding into menswear, launching it in the U.S. exclusively in The Shop at Equinox on August 19. Ahead of its debut, Furthermore spoke to Edwards and Tregoning about their personal styles and their mutual love for Pilates.

Tell us about why you started your brand.

Edwards: “The 2016 launch was basically a culmination of our working experience in the industry which spans over 17 years. It’s our love for fashion, sport, design, style, and practical functionality all in one.” Tregoning: “P.E Nation was born out of a need for multifaceted active streetwear that Pip and I were missing from our own wardrobes. It’s designed for the style-conscious active addict who lives life at a fast pace just like Pip and I.”

The athletic apparel market is becoming an increasingly crowded space. What sets your brand apart?

Edwards: “We have merged great quality product with a strong visual identity. P.E Nation is instantly recognizable, so I guess it’s the P.E Nation aesthetic that sets us apart. We know where we want to go and stay true to who we are as brand every day. We are always offering something new and we’re always looking forward.”

Why are you excited about the launch of menswear?

Edwards: “A lot of our inspiration comes from menswear roots. It is really exciting to bring menswear into the mix. It very much speaks to Claire and I, and our tomboy streetstyle vibe and the P.E Nation guy who trains, skates, who is into art, music, and fashion. We’re selling a lifestyle and creating a community, so there is a sense of belonging.” Tregoning: “P.E Nation menswear is really about reimagining how active street for men is seen. It’s culture-driven."

How do you style your personal favorite pieces from your band?

Edwards: “I love to layer it and mix it up with fashion pieces to give it that high-end street credible look. Key pieces on high rotation for me are a performance legging, a spray jacket, and an oversized sweat. I switch out an active trainer for a lifestyle trainer to elevate the look. Tregoning: “I like to style active pieces back with denim and trainers for a street-sport feel. A puffer jacket, a denim bomber, and jeans are my go-tos.”

What does your fitness routine look like?

Edwards: “Pilates is a non-negotiable part of my day, three days a week. It has not only transformed my body, but has made a huge impact on my mind-body connection, keeping me strong from the inside out. I also like to do a boxing class and soft sand running along Bondi Beach in the summer.” Tregoning: “For me, it's long walks with my dog, soft sand running at Palm Beach, and a Pilates class when I can squeeze it in.”

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