My beach essentials: Courtney Conlogue

The pro surfer doesn’t skimp on sun protection or fashion.

Courtney Conlogue calls the beach her workplace, and it’s where she feels most at home. “When you’re brought up surfing and you spend so much time in the water, you get really comfortable with it and learn to understand the ocean’s rhythm and the way it moves,” says Conlogue, a Santa Ana, California native.

The two-time World Title runner-up surfs in places like Australia, South Africa, and Cuba, but there’s nothing quite like her hometown favorites. Among her go-to spots: Huntington Beach. That’s exactly where she competed in and won the Vans US Open of Surfing in August. (Learn how she trains for the waves here.)

Ahead of the action, Conlogue spoke with Furthermore about what she packs in her bag for a day on the water.

nuun electrolyte tablets

“Because I spend so much time in the sun and the salt, I get dehydrated super fast, so I drink water with supplements.”
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surfmud natural zinc sunblock

“I pack sunscreen for the rest of my body and always use Surfmud on my face. It’s a natural beige color and goes on almost like foundation.”
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packable rafia hat

“I wear a classic Panama hat that I got from Cuba two years ago to protect my face from the sun. It’s similar to this one from Banana Republic and still looks as good as the day I bought it.”
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ray-ban sunglasses

“The sun’s glare off the water is pretty intense. I can’t wear sunglasses when I’m actually surfing, but I make sure I wear them the rest of the time at the beach.”
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sun quest crossback bikini top

“I get a size smaller than I usually wear since I have to be careful that it doesn’t fall off when I’m in the waves. My favorite for surfing is their crossback triangle top.”
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billabong furnace comp chest zip fullsuit

“I designed Billabong’s Furnace wetsuit and my competitive one is based on the same design, with a custom leopard print on one arm. I just wanted something elegant that’s flexible and keeps you warm.”
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square organic protein bars

“I’m not vegan, but these have healthy proteins that don’t make my stomach hurt. If you have anything too heavy before a surf, your stomach gets stirred up and that’s never fun. I eat Clif Bar too, but I’m always up for trying new products and seeing how they work for me.”
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