Eat more beets

3 creative ways to enjoy the antioxidant-rich veggie

Low in calories and containing natural sugar that’s released slowly into your system, the red-hued root vegetable provides lasting energy, says Keren Gilbert, RD, author of The HD Diet. It's also full of nitrates, which improve blood flow to the muscles, and antioxidants that temper inflammation.

Here, three innovative recipes to make now.

Beet Hummus
A base of chickpeas whirled with cooked beets produces a beautiful deep pink dip that’s perfect paired with crudités.

Veggie-Based Salt
Jennifer Burns Bright of the food blog Culinaria Eugenius suggests grating and drying a mixture of beets and salt, then pulverizing it into a powder. The result is a uniquely-flavored seasoning for fish and meat.

Beet Pilaf
New York City-based chef Jenné Claiborne opts for more mild-tasting candy cane beets in this quinoa-based dish and she incorporates the veggie's spicy-tasting greens.