My beach essentials: Sam Darnold

The NFL quarterback always brings this sunscreen, snack, and more.

Sam Darnold may be a rookie but on the beach, he’s quite the seasoned vet. The New York Jets quarterback lived oceanside in his hometown of Capistrano Beach, California, before attending University of Southern California and ultimately being selected third overall in the 2018 NFL Draft.

“The beach has always been part of my life and it’s definitely one of the best things about going home,” Darnold says. “Especially after a long day of training, I use the beach to relax and spend time with friends and family.”

He doesn’t let his new East Coast job stop him from enjoying the shore. He spoke with Furthermore ahead of his first NFL season about his must-haves for a successful day in the sand. (Learn more about how he’s getting game-ready here.)

neutrogena cooldry sport sunscreen lotion

“Neutrogena was always the go-to brand for my family growing up and I still use it. Their Sport line stays on no matter how much I sweat.”
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david original jumbo sunflower seeds

“I always bring a bag of sunflower seeds with me. I can just grab a handful on the go for a quick, easy snack.”
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wilson avp recreational volleyball

“My friends and I usually bring a volleyball or frisbee with us. These games don’t require a lot of space, and everyone can get involved.”
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nike intersect mirrored sunglasses

“It’s not just about protecting your skin from the sun, but also your eyes.”
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hurley jacquard beach towel

“You can’t just sit on the sand. My friends always bring a bunch of towels and lay them out so they connect like a blanket.”
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