Post like a fitness pro

5 ways to make your profile as legit as your training

Movement sparks progress. For high-performers, this forward momentum is powered by currents in science, technology, and subculture. To celebrate ASICS' GEL-KAYANO® 25 and GEL-CUMULUS® 20, Furthermore and ASICS have partnered to harness the power of these currents and show you how to channel them into actual results.

If you’re working out like a pro, your social presence should reflect that. But more often than not, the fitness posts that populate people’s newsfeeds are subpar. To help you take your feed to the next level, Furthermore gathered tips from five Equinox experts who show their authority both online and in the gym. Here’s how you can, too.

share something personal

Sometimes Patrick McGrath strays from his usual mid-workout shots to show his slower side. “I take the time to meditate pre-workout,” McGrath, a trainer at PROJECT by Equinox in New York City, said on Instagram. “It helps set the tone for my session.” Personal posts help humanize you and connect you with your followers.
Meditate like a pro: Use the practice to pump you up. Before your next session, try this 10-minute pre-workout meditation.

make it competitive

Dom Palange, a Tier 1 trainer at Equinox West Hollywood in California, knows that competition breeds progress. Instead of making your profile all about you, bring your workout partner into the picture from time to time. Challenge them to a sprint, a pull-up competition, or another fitness test, and capture it in a story or post.

show the unsexy steps

Before you can attempt impressive feats, you need to prepare your body. Luis Weber, a group fitness instructor at Equinox in New York City, knows that the warm-up and cool-down are just as important as the magic that happens in between. Sharing those moments reminds followers how important they are to success.
Warm up like a pro: Answer these 10 questions and do the five exercises that follow before your regular routine.

solicit feedback

CeCe Marizu, New York City-based group fitness manager and instructor at Equinox, uses her stories as opportunities to ask her followers for their input—in this case, about her form. Interacting with your audience keeps them engaged and helps you gauge your progress.
Train like a pro: Marizu maintains her strength by targeting multiple muscle groups at once, bringing real life into the gym, and including lots of recovery. Learn how you can build a resilient body here.

pass on lessons

Frank Fata, a group fitness instructor at Equinox Scarsdale in New York, teaches people how to build stronger bodies in every class. His coaching doesn’t stop when he leaves the studio. Here, he used his Instagram story to suggest an exercise for his followers to try. If people notice that they’re learning from your posts, they'll keep coming back for more.