As seen in the gym: tied shirts

They’re flattering and functional.

Tying your top is one of the biggest fitness fashion trends of the season, says Annie Walters, vice president of retail at Equinox.
This style creates a flattering silhouette, especially when paired with high-waisted tights, Walters says. People often tie the knot in front or on the side, but she recommends positioning it in the center of your back. This placement keeps it out of the way when you're lifting or moving your arms in front of your body.

Wear a longer top when you want to test this style, Walters says, like the Cruz Tank from Strut This or the Slub Tees from ATM. Gather the extra fabric at the small of your back (or higher up your spine for a cropped look), wrap it around your finger, and pull the end through to tighten.
Knotting your shirt is fashionable and functional: It holds your top in place and if you're running outside, it minimizes wind resistance by keeping the fabric close to your body.

Photo: Bersa / Art Partner Licensing