5 summer solstice yoga poses

The star (beginner)

From mountain pose, step out wide to the right and parallel your feet. Lift your arms to shoulder height. Measure your stance so your feet are the same distance from your midline as your hands. Straighten your legs fully and engage your quadriceps. Reach out through your fingertips and firm the muscles of the arms. Relax your shoulder blades down your back. Hold for five to eight breaths, and repeat up to two times if your back feels strong and healthy.

The star into drop open (intermediate)

From Star, firm your legs and lengthen the tailbone down. Begin to lift and open through the heart center, shoulder blades drawing down the back. Reach back with arms and allow your ribcage to splay open, backbending toward the ground behind you, breathing space throughout the abdominal area, chest, and throat. Spend five to eight breaths coming in and out of the pose, depending on your flexibility and strength. Repeat up to two times.

Wild thing (intermediate)

From downward facing dog, lift the right leg into a downdog split and open the hip. Bend your right leg, allow your left foot to fall sideways, and release the ball of the right foot behind you, almost in line with the hip. Press into the ball of the foot and allow your pelvis to lift upward, letting the neck and head release back. Open the chest and reach strongly through your lifted arm. Hold for five breaths. Return to start and repeat on the other side. 

Bow pose (intermediate)

Lie on your stomach and as you inhale, squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift head, neck, and chest off the floor. Engage your abdomen, firm your glutes, lift your legs and bend the knees. Reach your arms back and catch the ankles from the inside. Lift your legs and push them back into your hands, lift and expand across the chest, and breathe. Hold for five breaths, then release.

Revolved headstand (advanced)

Note: Only attempt this pose if you have a regular headstand practice and can easily balance without a wall. 

To begin, come into traditional headstand, draw your legs together and identify your midline, then start to rotate your spine so your hips and feet start to turn toward the left. Continue to lengthen your low back and split your legs, right leg forward, left leg back. Simultaneously reach the legs out while drawing them back into your pelvis. Hold for five breaths with the legs together, then five breaths on each side of the leg split, then five breaths with legs back together, and release.

Supermove series: Forearm Scorpion

Master the forearm scorpion.

You need this fall equinox yoga flow

You need this fall equinox yoga flow.

Fitness formula: HIIT + yoga

Fitness formula: HIIT + yoga