Upper-body strength tool: ViPR

Thread the Needle

Hold a ViPR by both handles at chest height, then rotate it a quarter turn so it's perpendicular to the floor. Squat down, bringing the ViPR between your legs as if you were threading a needle. Pause, then return the motion to standing and press the ViPR directly overhead so that it's parallel to the floor, with arms straight. That's one rep. Alternate which hand is in front with each rep.

Alternating Curtsy Step with Press and Reach

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a ViPR horizontally at shoulder level in front of you with both hands gripping its ends, elbows bent by sides. Lunge left leg behind you and over to the right, bending right knee (into a curtsy), as you hinge from hips and lean upper body over to left, keeping spine tall, pressing arms straight overhead, forming a diagonal line from left hand to foot. Return to start for one rep. Continue alternating sides.

Circular Lunge

Start in a wide-leg stance, feet slightly turned out. Hold ViPR in front of you, left hand on handle, right hand gripping outside edge of the cylinder. Keeping feet flat, bend right leg into side lunge as you swing ViPR to right side over shoulder, circling arms so left arm pulls ViPR overhead. Pause, then swing ViPR back down to start, straightening right leg for one rep. Do all reps on one side, then switch sides and repeat.

Push-Ups and Fly

Get into plank position with a ViPR resting vertically on the ground to the left of your left hand. Gently place your fingers on the tube; as you lower yourself to the ground, gently roll the ViPR along your forearm toward your elbow as you simultaneously lift your right leg off the ground directly behind you. Using the other hand, push yourself up at the same time you roll the ViPR back in. Reverse motion to start; that’s one rep. Do all reps on one side, then switch sides and repeat.

ViPR Front Plank with Anterior Tilt

Start in plank position (palms under shoulders, abs engaged, toes tucked under) with a ViPR standing vertically in front of you. Maintaining proper form, place left hand on top of ViPR and shift forward from the balls of your feet as you press ViPR as far away from you as possible; shift back to start and return to plank. That's one rep. Switch arms and repeat.

Rolling Push-Up

Start in plank position with legs slightly wider than hip-width apart, ViPR in front of you, perpendicular to body, right hand on top of tube, left hand on ground. As you bend left elbow to lower body down to floor, roll ViPR forward until right arm is fully extended in front of you, then engage core to roll ViPR back toward body and press left arm back to start for one rep. Switch sides; repeat.