Shay Mitchell’s Coachella game plan

Her workout, grocery list, and more

While Beyoncé and other headliners are the Coachella Music and Arts Festival’s main draw, Indio, California is also known for its healthy eats and hiking spots. Wellness-minded stars this year are planning ahead so they can enjoy all it has to offer and allow for indulgences. So, too, are the attendees, including actress Shay Mitchell.

“I love that it’s a quick weekend getaway with great friends, great music and fun fashion ,” says Mitchell. “It’s a perfect amount of time because when Monday rolls around we are all exhausted and ready to sleep for a day, but it’s always so worth it.”

Here, Mitchell shared her healthy Coachella game plan with Furthermore. After the festival, you can watch her Shaycation Coachella video on her YouTube Channel.

The Packing List

Packing for Coachella is hilarious because I always say I’m not going to go crazy and then end up with four suitcases.

Some staple outfits for me are: a bodysuit with jean shorts, a romper, or a sun dress because it’s always so hot there you don’t want to have too many layers.

There is a ton of walking and standing so you want to make sure you are in comfortable shoes.

Sunglasses are key and then I usually will layer on some necklaces and bracelets so it feels a bit more festival-appropriate.

Also, I’ll be sure to bring a bandana because the dust can get intense at times, and definitely SPF. So important.

The Workout

Especially because we usually stay in a house with no gym, I will do some quick at-home exercises. I also may wake up early to go for a quick run around the neighborhood before it gets too hot.

1. Plank

2. Lunge with Resistance Bands

3. Skip Rope

4. Ab Sliders

5. High Knees

6. Squats

The Eating Plan

I eat very clean leading up to Coachella and then stock the fridge with healthy staples when I arrive. It’s so hot in the desert so you end up in shorts and bathing suits the entire time. That said, hydration is super important too. The last thing you want to feel in the desert at a festival is any symptom of heat exhaustion or dehydration.

At the house:
Coachella is usually about lounging around the house before hitting up the festival so a favorite is usually a healthy veggie pizza with cauliflower crust and something easy, like fruit, veggies and dip, almonds, and Skinny Pop, for people to grab and go hang by the pool.

At the festival:
I love the food station they have set up where you can get a little bit of everything. Last year I absolutely loved the chicken tikka poutine, Kogi street tacos, and this amazing vegan ice cream. I can’t wait to see what they have set up this year.

The Concert Line-Up and Party Plan

I am most excited to see Beyoncé (obviously), Alina Baraz, 6LACK, Cardi B, and Odesza. The Revolve party is always my favorite.