The no-shower locker room routine

A no-rinse cleanser and dry shampoo foam will save time.

The locker room is now an integral part of the gym experience; athletes can regenerate in the steam room and get ready for whatever the rest of the day (or night) has in store. However, for some, time is of the essence and budgeting minutes for a shower just isn’t worth cutting a workout short. When that’s the case, the products in their gym bag are key to ensuring they still leave the locker room feeling fresh and looking their best. The following steps, with curation help from Sarah Garland, senior manager of planning for Equinox Spas, will do just that.

step 1: freshen up sans water.

Towel off excess sweat and apply this no-rinse cleansing foam for a faster clean. Pump the mousse directly on your body and massage into skin, allowing it to absorb quickly.
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step 2: streamline facial cleansing and hydrating.

These cloths are saturated with cleanser and moisturizer so you can rid your face of sweat, dirt, and oil while nourishing the skin—all without rinsing.
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step 3: give yourself a mini-eye treatment.

After your skin is clean, place these gel treatment masks under both eyes to de-puff and cool the area’s highly sensitive skin. Leave on while attending to your hair to restore moisture and plump fine lines.
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step 4: get clean hair without shampooing.

Fake a shower with the Ouai Dry Shampoo foam. Apply a dollop into your hands and emulsify before massaging onto hair for just-washed volume.
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step 5: tame hair in minutes.

This thermal brush works like a regular brush, yet makes hair straight and sleek with one pass. This travel-sized version is ideal for quick touch-ups in the locker room.
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step 6: embrace the no-makeup make-up trend.

Enhance your exercise glow by applying this product on the high points of your face (cheekbones, tip of nose, under the eyebrow). The illuminating serum doubles as a highlighter, giving you a natural glow while hydrating with ingredients like chia seed oil and the calming calendula flower extract.
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step 7: finish with a hint of scent.

This portable paintbrush perfume is ideal for a locker room since you can apply without dousing your neighbor. The scent, which is dispensed in gel form and smells of pink pomelo and grapefruit, is refreshing and energizing so you can prolong your post-workout high.
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