My healthy: Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers player on his go-to nut butter and travel essentials

The 29-year-old NBA champion Kevin Love pays attention to his nutrition, fitness, and recovery routines both on and off the court. Here, he shares his hydration strategy and wellness must-haves.

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justin’s flavored almond butter packets

“I’m never too far from an almond butter packet. They’re the best and healthiest for a quirk burst of energy when you’re on-the-go. I’ve been a super fan of this product from the beginning, you can’t beat the vanilla, hazelnut, or maple flavors.”
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essentia water

“I almost exclusively drink this ionized alkaline water because I think it tastes the best.”
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nike hyperdunk kevin love player edition

“These sneakers for Spring 2018 give me a sense of pride and something to play for. Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Nike in my home state of Oregon. Hence the tree and combination of my initials for this shoe that I wear day in and day out.”

banana republic slim navy smart-weight performance wool blend suit jacket

“Usually once I’m done working out, I’m off to meetings, hanging out with friends, or dinner, so I have to walk away looking and feeling good. Banana Republic’s clothes (like this blazer) are comfortable and versatile so they’re a go-to for an easy, stylish look.”
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nike pro compression dri-fit training gear

“Nike training gear is the absolute best. It delivers in every way. I can sweat a lot during a workout and all of my Dri-Fit staples allow me to maintain full mobility without chafing.”
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polar m400 gps watch with bluetooth hr chest strap

“Managing and tracking my training sessions is key. I won’t do a cardio workout without this monitor.”
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the original mckenzie lumbar roll

“Sometimes the best products are the simplest. This lumbar support relieves the back pain associated with traveling and sitting in long meetings.”
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vital proteins collagen peptides

“I have two scoops every morning with my protein shake to help improve hair, skin, nails, joints, and ligaments.”
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“This is the first online meal program made for your body’s metabolism. My nutritionist, Philip Goglia, has created this diet that’s perfect for people at varying levels of fitness. For example, I use Beet Elite protein powder and Performance Fitness Concepts protein powder immediately after working out because it helps with inflammation and endurance.”
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