How Coachella stars stay healthy

Festival wellness hacks from Marian Hill, First Aid Kit, Greta Van Fleet, Hayley Kiyoko, and Hannah Wants

This month’s Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which begins April 13th and runs for two weeks, marks the official kickoff of festival season. Fans from across the globe will soon arrive in Indio, California to take in the latest talents the music industry has to offer. And it’s more fitness-friendly than the uninitiated may expect. Still, it takes planning and effort to stay healthy while also allowing for some deserved indulgences.

Furthemore asked the stars themselves—some of Coachella’s standout performers, including indie pop duo Marian Hill, folk duo First Aid Kit, rockers Greta Van Fleet, pop songstress Hayley Kiyoko, and party queen Hannah Wants—about their fitness, nutrition, and regeneration festival rituals. Here, how any high-performing attendee can apply their strategies.

Plan ahead.
“Before I travel I will have already located the nearest one or two vegan, vegetarian, or organic restaurants and I’ll also try to [find a] hotel within walking distance of a fresh cold-pressed juice bar. Juices are life when you’re on the road and don’t have a lot of time.” —Hannah Wants

Stick to your at-home routines.
“For me, staying sane at a festival has a lot to do with routine. I like to get some good sleep and I find that meditating also helps me focus on my performance. Eating healthy and lean seems to supply me with energy and nutrients for the energy I need on stage. If the opportunity presents itself, I like to go on runs to clear my head.” —Greta Van Fleet’s Josh Kiszka

Make hydration a priority.
“I drink water. So much water. And tea.” —Marian Hill’s Jeremy Lloyd

Keep portable snacks at the ready.
“I live off of Rx Bars and coconut water.” —Hayley Kiyoko

BYO fitness equipment.
“It’s hard to maintain a routine on the road. So I have resistance bands that I bring on the bus, and I’ll always run when I can. Jumping rope is an easy exercise too.” —Marian Hill’s Samantha Gongol

Focus on bodyweight moves.
“We try to exercise whenever we can—in the dressing room or the hotel room or wherever there is space. We always carry a yoga mat. We usually go on YouTube and find good exercises we can do without any equipment. It’s a great way to get energized before a show.” —First Aid Kit’s Johanna Söderberg

Take advantage of festival downtime.
“When we have off days, we like to do some intense hikes, or hit up the gym when we can. That seems to be a great benefit to us.” —Kiszka

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