Gear up for spring break

The ultimate packing list for an elegant getaway

The high performer's spring break might be less focused on wild nights at the beach bar and more on recharging and fitting in a workout or two. With your all-inclusive days behind you, consider instead a private island resort. Regardless of your final destination, make the most of your trip with these warm-weather (and a few all-seasons) travel essentials.

raden a22 carry

This carry-on sized hard case fits in every plane overhead compartment. Other handy features include a lightweight construction, built-in phone and tablet charger with a removable battery, and a corresponding app that allows you to weigh what you’ve packed inside. Mesh-ventilated compartments mean you can separate your used workout wear from clean ones.

westward leaning concorde 19

These unisex sunglasses draw design influences from the now-retired Concorde jet for a silhouette that’s the right mix of sporty, casual, and cool, ideal for wear with both workout clothes and more polished daytime looks.
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orlebar brown bulldog mid-length printed swim shorts

A swimsuit is a true spring break essential, and these trunks feature a print from Mr. Slim Aarons. Pair them with a linen button down or a crisp solid tee for ocean-to-lunch transitions.
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aesop london kit

This set is packed with products any active soul might need—from basics like shampoo and conditioner to thoughtful extras like mouthwash and facial toner—all wrapped up in a chic and compact carrying case.
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eugenia kim ‘do not disturb’ straw sun hat in natural

This wide-brimmed hat does double duty: It shields your face from the sun and sends the OOO message loud and clear.
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b&o play h9 over the ear noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones might seem like a nice-to-have, but once you get your hands on these you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without them. Off the airplane, lean on them when you need some quiet to meditate or get in the zone in your hotel’s weight room.
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this is ground mod tablet

This tablet case provides a spot for everything you might need on the go for both work and play. Customize it with an organizational insert (there are 10 different options) that best fits your lifestyle.
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lingua franca travel set

This embroidered cashmere set comes with a blanket, eye mask, and socks. Plus, you can use the carrying pouch to stash other travel goods as needed.
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sweat with bec booty bands

For a workout on the go, snag PROJECT by Equinox trainer Bec Donlan's resistance band set. It comes with three bands at different levels of resistance and hotel-room-friendly workout ideas.
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eres edito tribune swimsuit

A killer one-piece serves as a key item for travelers who want to pack light. Back at home, it doubles as a sleek bodysuit for an evening out.
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