The right way to use a TRX

Measure up.

Use the adjustment tabs to change the distance between the handles and the floor. A three-foot distance will work for most standing exercises, but you may be more comfortable with the handles slightly higher or lower depending on your height. For a prone or supine move (a push-up or a hamstring curl), adjust the cord so the handles are about eight to 12 inches from the floor.

Move around.

Your body position can change the difficulty of a move. Try stepping closer to or further away from the anchor point to make the exercise easier or harder. Use this intel to customize workouts and keep progressing.

Get creative.

The TRX can provide new twists on moves you’re already doing. For example, instead of performing a plank on the floor, do it with your feet or hands in the TRX handles. For more exercises, try the 20-minute TRX workout designed by Sam Rothermel. Do the moves as a circuit or cherry-pick one or two to add to your regular routine.