My healthy: Tia Blanco

The pro surfer shares her picture-perfect evening routine

Working out is a way of life for professional surfer Tia Blanco. In addition to up to thrice-daily surf sessions, she exercises on land four to five days a week. “I try to focus on my endurance and strength training,” she says. “If I’m not in the gym, then I’m at home doing yoga or I go for an outdoor run.” This routine, she hopes, will help her qualify for the World Surf League championship tour.

She’s also driven by the way that her healthy lifestyle makes her feel. “Take care of your mind, body, and soul every day,” says Blanco. “Eat healthy, stay active, sleep well, and work on being in tune with your inner self.” But she also emphasizes balance: “Always put 100 percent into the things you do, but also make sure you leave time to reflect, relax, and recover.”

Here are some of Blanco’s favorite wellness essentials that help her do just that.

raen remmy sunglasses

“I am exposed to the sun every single day so it is important that I take care of my eyes and bring my sunglasses with me everywhere I go.”
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omega juicer

“I love juicing kale, chard, ginger, apples, celery, parsley, and beets. Juicing always leaves me feeling invigorated.”
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beyond meat

“I cut all animal products out of my diet four years ago and have never felt better. Beyond Meat is my favorite vegan meat substitute that is satisfying and tastes great.”
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sticky bumps tia blanco signature candle

“My picture-perfect night involves a good book, lavender oil in a diffuser, and my sea salt and orchid candle. These scents help me to relax and take time for myself.”
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skinscreen swatch watch

“I try my best to utilize my time wisely by prioritizing the things I need to do in a day. I am always wearing a watch to make sure I am on schedule; keep moving, keep ticking.”
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the sub driver surfboard

“Whenever I am surfing I am engulfed in the present moment, which is essential for your health. Worry less, surf more.”
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vegansmart peaches & cream nutritional shake

“After my workout I make a superfood smoothie. Today I had my peaches and cream protein powder with frozen bananas, maca powder, peanut butter, and cashew milk.”
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trader joe’s spa 100% pure jojoba oil 

“I always make sure to moisturize every day and after my surf sessions. Using jojoba oil as a cleanser and even as my overnight moisturizer has really helped out my sensitive, dry skin type.”
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sector 9 skateboard 

“I love to cruise on my sector 9 skateboard when the waves are flat. It is such a liberating feeling for me to get on my board and carve.”
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bass brushes dry skin brush

“Before my showers I dry brush my whole body starting from my feet and brushing up towards my heart center.”
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yogi peace club lotus blue yoga mat grip +

“I practice yoga daily and it goes hand-in-hand with my surfing. Yoga is very grounding for me and it is a time where I can focus on self-love and aligning myself.”
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