Lingerie that empowers

The triangle bra is your friend if you are a) size B or less or b) wearing it under something structured like tailored jackets or big bulky sweaters. Or both. For the Calvin or equivalent sports bra-style, if you are more than a size B, opt for one with extra support to make for a solid, clean shape and firm form under tops and dresses. 

These pieces will do just fine covered, but they also deserve some limelight of their own. How to make them your friend: Unbutton a silk shirt inappropriately low and let the underwear peek through; a low, wide-neck oversize boyfriend t-shirt with something very decorative underneath makes a perfect juxtaposition.

These speak for themselves, and are especially useful when you have your eye on someone in your workout class or just feel like looking your best. Also on a practical level, they’re very handy for travel. 

Ever since Calvin Klein upped the risqué stakes at the corner of Lafayette and Houston on that epic billboard, the logo sporty underwear look has only gathered momentum. Channelling a mix of hip-hop and 1990’s grunge, this trend works on all body shapes—the only prerequisite is lashings of attitude. 

One thing many tomboy shaped girls seek out is a waist. Channeling a little 1950’s but through a modern prism, this look is also one to show off on its own, in warmer weather or on the dance floor. The other bonus is that due to the deep fill of the rib section, you don’t get that layer of skin trapped between two lines of elastic when a bra’s structure is showing under a tight top or shirt. 

This section sums up the whole spirit. It shows that for even the most understated or cerebral of us, being super feminine is not the antithesis of being an indie thinker. 

Those with fine bones and fragile structures can carry off their counterpart in lingerie here. Channel French ingénue’s and indie flick young heroines with off-beat pastels and gossamer thin fabrics. 

For a solid body shape, there are heaps of styles that will sit with harmony and synergy. Look for more substantial, athletic lines and forms, so the lingerie and the body are engaged in a dialogue of the same language.