Elevated move: traveling explosive push-up

To strengthen your upper body, while building performance-boosting power, try this move.

You already have the classic exercise mastered. But instead of moving onto something entirely new, it’s time to challenge yourself to build off of what you’ve built and perfectly execute a next-level strength move. Think of this as a 2.0 version of something you know and love. Here, the latest in ourElevated Moveseries:

THE MOVE: Traveling explosive push-up from Ronald Jean, a Tier X coach at Equinox Beverly Hills

THE CHALLENGE: Adding a plyometric element to a classic push-up requires your muscles to produce maximum force in minimal time. Moving from side-to-side gets your brain in on the action, forcing it to coordinate the movement of multiple parts of your body at once. The result is increased power and coordination.

THE LEAD UP: Begin with plyometric push-ups, lifting your hands off the floor each time you push up. When you can comfortably do a set, you’re ready to try the traveling version below.

DO IT: Get in plank position with body perpendicular to the agility ladder, hands in the centers of two adjacent squares. Bend elbows, lowering chest toward the ground, then explosively push up as you hop hands and feet to the right, landing with each hand one square to the right. Immediately repeat. Then reverse direction, doing two traveling push-ups to the left. Continue, moving from side to side.