Elevated move: dribbling Turkish get-up

Wake up body and brain by adding a bonus move to this classic strength exercise.

You already have the classic exercise mastered. But instead of moving onto something entirely new, it’s time to challenge yourself to build off of what you’ve built and perfectly execute a next-level strength move. Think of this as a 2.0 version of something you know and love. Here, the latest in our Elevated Move series:

THE MOVE: Dribbling Turkish Get-Up

THE CHALLENGE: Simply rising up while holding one arm overhead takes shoulder stability, core strength, and coordination. But there’s good reason to add another element to the Turkish get-up: “Dribbling movements are a great way to challenge your central nervous system because you’re asking it to coordinate multiple movements and body segments simultaneously,” says Matt Delaney, a Tier X coach and manual therapist at Equinox Columbus Circle, who dreamed up this exercise.

THE LEAD UP: Go through the motions without gear first. Next, hold the ball overhead, and finally add the dribbling.

DO IT: Dribble a basketball with right hand and hold another ball overhead with left hand. Slowly lie down on the ground with feet wider than hips, continuing to dribble the ball at right side as you extend left arm toward the sky. Keeping left arm overhead and right arm dribbling, sit up as you bend knees, and then come to kneeling. Step left right forward, then left, and stand. Reverse the movement to lie down again and repeat.