The half-marathon coach: Rory Knight

What’s your favorite strength exercise for runners?

The single-leg deadlift.

How would you describe your running philosophy?

The human body is capable of extraordinary feats. Once mentally strong and focused, everything else will follow.

Favorite post-race meal in London?

After a race, I literally want to eat all of the food. I’m basically looking for anywhere I can ingest as many calories as possible. Options include: Red's True Barbecue, Pho, or good old Nando's.

Music or no music?

Definitely music. When I run alone, my playlist is completely dependent upon my mood and what type of session I am doing. For example, for a speed session on the track it would be things like hip-hop and Chase & Status. For a longer, steadier run, it would be more along the lines of deep house or some chilled rock from Kings of Leon or the Killers. Diversity is key.

How do you recover after a big race?

I use compression tights and try to have a massage within a couple of days post-race. I also try to do something light to flush out any lactic acid and waste product which has accumulated. Twenty minutes of cycling usually does the trick.

Who is your running role model?

Usain Bolt. Obviously we all know about the man’s speed, but it is his infectious personality and the way in which he connects with people that inspires me. After victory or defeat, he always has time for his fans, and has also proved to be extremely gracious on the rare occasion when he has suffered a defeat. It just goes to show that you can be the best at what you do, but also have the ability to remove any ego from the occasion when required. Having the ability to remain humble is a trait I very much admire.

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