The resolution: train less (1/4)

An Equinox trainer scales back in the New Year in order to prep for a healthy pregnancy.

Athletes know accountability matters. Committing to a specific plan and regularly assessing progress is crucial to success. But too often, goals go rogue in January, falling under the category of lofty (often unrealistic) New Year’s resolutions that end up unmet. That’s why we introduced the antidote:The Resolution Diaries. Each week we follow three Equinox trainers on their personal journeys through the first 30 days of resolution season. They pen both progress (and pitfalls) in working toward change in a meaningful way.

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The fit pro: Cynthia Martinez, a Tier 3 trainer at Equinox Bryant Park in New York City

Week one update: “I started 2018 with the goal to take a step back from my previous intense marathon training and prepare my body for a future healthy pregnancy. My husband and I took a week-long vacation to South America, where I was able to let go of the constant stress and pressure I put on myself when it comes to training. I slept nine to 10 hours a night, too. I’m also currently tracking my cycle on two different apps: Clueand Natural Family Planning Charting.

During my trip in Punta del Este, Uruguay, I did do one very easy five-mile run along the beach—it was a lot of stop and go taking pictures. In Buenos Aires, I also did a New Year’s Eve 8K race. Both times I didn’t wear a watch, which felt very strange for me. Shockingly, I ran a personal record in the 8K, placing 11th out of almost 5,000 women. I knew I was running fast, but I didn’t know how fast until the end when the clock said 32:10. After the 8K, I only ran once this week; I paced one of my clients during a track workout back in New York City. (I also forgot to bring my “Believe Training Journal” on my trip so I tracked my workouts in the notes app on my phone.)

Besides running, I lifted weights one day and did Pilates with my private instructor the next. I continue to work on strengthening my hips during these sessions. We are also working on pelvic floor exercises so I am more in tune with my lower abs and using the muscles that need to be strong for labor and delivery. So far, I feel like have really lightened my training load.

I’m currently struggling with everyone around me getting ready for the Boston Marathon, though. I’m so used to setting the next big goal in my running career; it gives me a sense of structure. I’m coping with these feelings by staying busy focusing on others (like my clients) instead of myself and by reading prayer books. I’m a very spiritual person. I also want to focus on writing a bit more.

I love training because it pushes me to new heights but I know that to have a child, one has to be selfless. I feel myself already battling with this. But at 35 years old, I’m ready for this next step and I know racing will always be there."

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